Prosperity Pursuit: Develop Right Financially Free Mindset

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Financial Freedom

However simple it might be to make revenue, I have no doubt many will agree it's the hardest thing in the world to hold on to it. It consists merely in spending less than we bring in; that appears to be a really simple issue. A lot of my readers might say, “we comprehend this: this is mindset, and we know mindset is wealth; we know we can’t eat our cake and have it as well.”

Yet maybe more cases of failure arise from errors on this point than almost any other. The reality is, many individuals think they understand mindset when they really don't.

There are men who believe that mindset consists in scrimping, in cutting off two cents from the wash bill and doing all sorts of little, mean things. Mindset isn't meanness.

The misfortune is, likewise, that this class of individuals let their mindset apply in only one direction. They fancy they're so wonderfully frugal in saving a penny where they should spend two cents that they think they can afford to waste in other directions.

Thousands of men are kept poor, and tens of thousands are made so after they've acquired riches, in result of living beyond their means. “Easy come, easy go,” is an old and true adage. A spirit of pridefulness and vanity, when allowed to have full sway, is the undying problem.

Many individuals, as they set out to prosper, instantly start spending for luxuries, till in a short time their expenses eat up their income, and they become ruined in their absurd attempts to maintain appearances.

Money is in a way is like fire; it's an extremely excellent servant but a terrible master. When you have it mastering you; when interest is constantly amassing against you, it will keep you down in the worst sort of slavery.

But let money work for you, and you've the most devoted servant in the world. It's no “eye-servant.” There's nothing animate or inanimate that will work so faithfully as money when placed in the right places. It works night and day, and in wet or dry weather.

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In This Book, You Will Learn:
+ Mindset Basics!
+ The Importance Of Health
+ Your Occupation.
+ Persevere.
+ Your Integrity!
+ And so much more!

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